Benefits of Participation


  • High performance gateways in Ashburn and Atlanta to the Internet2 National Research and Education Network currently at 100Gbps in both locations.
    • Customizable connectivity to virtually any university, lab, or high performance computing resource in the nation.
    • Global connectivity through international exchanges to NREN’s worldwide.
    • Direct local peerings with cloud resources for research via fiber jumper.


  • High capacity, low latency direct connectivity to virtually any network or service including cloud providers, commercial ISPs, and statewide intranet services with just a fiber jumper.
  • Connectivity to multiple exchanges including Internet2 I2PX, EquinixIX, and TelxIX.

Cost Efficiencies

  • Universities collaborating together to share resources and combine buying power.
  • Shared access to high capacity gateways to research networks and commodity services.
  • Leveraging single “pipes” connecting campuses to the hubs in Ashburn and Atlanta to support combined research and commodity service needs.

Multiple Services Available

  • Access to research networks and Internet2 programs like Net+, Eduroam, I2PX, Rapid Private Interconnect, Cloud Exchange (requires Internet2 membership or Virginia CAN Participation).
  • Private ports for commodity services at Equinix or Telx.
  • Colocation space
  • MARIA member collaborative services like access Radware Distributed Denial of Service protection through the Internet2 regional program.

Collaboration and Shared Expertise

  • MARIA Joint Techs Committee brings together network architects and engineers from all members to share best practices and to build community.
  • MARIA High Performance Computing Committee provides a venue for HPC professionals to share ideas, best practices, and research opportunities.